Essential Beauty Tools


Ah, beauty tools. The things that help us look effortlessly put together in mere minutes. What would I do—or what would my makeup look like— without these tools? But, whoa, let's not talk about that, because I'm going slightly off topic. I have a comprehensive assortment of tools in my stash that I love, but these two are the ones I find myself continue to reach for on a daily basis. So essentially, you could say that these are the tools that I love to pieces and cannot live without. As dramatic as it sounds, it is true! 
  • Beautyblender: This is the ultimate tool for applying a foundation, in my opinion. This egg-shaped sponge applicator helps create an invisible, streak-free, skin-like finish that probably most of us want when putting on makeup. It is amazing at blending in the foundation (or concealer) in the most natural way possible to keep you from looking cakey or overly made up. All you need to do is a) wet the sponge b) squeeze out the excess water c) pump out the foundation to the back of your hand and then dib the sponge into your foundation and apply to your skin d) blend, blend, blend! Plus, you can use the pointed end to blend in the concealer. I'm telling you, flawless finish is guaranteed. 
  • Shiseido Eyelash Curler I’m an eyelash curler convert— because it just makes such a huge difference to the look. It makes your eyes look bigger and more awake, and isn’t it what we all want? Honestly, I’ve always wanted a Shu Uemura eyelash curler but (sadly) never got a chance to buy one for some odd reason (probably because it's not sold in the US). So, I decided to get the Shiseido eyelash curler — which I love dearly— instead. It fits my eyes perfectly and gets every last lash without hurting my eyes. In a few solid squeezes of the lashes, it lifts and elongates them, preparing them for the next step: mascara. If I want a completely natural look, however, I skip mascara entirely.

What are your essential beauty tools?

Obsessed With: Zara Handbags


If money were no object, sure, I’d splurge on a (swoon-worthy) designer handbag. But since that’s not the case— for at least now—I’ll pass. Fortunately, there is a plethora of budget-friendly pieces from the high street stores—like Zara, for example—where you can buy a pricey-looking handbag without spending a fortune. That said, here are a few of my favorite handbag picks from Zara, which I thought were very much worthy of sharing with you. 

From left to right: 
What's your favorite piece? 

A New Addition to the Chanel Stash

You know by now how much I adore cream eye shadows. They’re quick and easy to apply and last a tad bit longer on the lids than it’s powder counterparts. Since I’ve been keeping my everyday makeup routine simple and quick, I’ve been trying to incorporate more products that could save me some time in the mornings—well so that I could get an extra 15 minutes of sleep in my comfy bed. Win!

On my recent trip to the mall, I picked up a cream eye shadow that I’ve been lusting after for quite a while—Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wearing Luminous Eyeshadow in Emerveille (french for “marvel”). It’s a pretty pinky-champagne color with light-reflecting shimmer (not tacky glitter), which I think is a perfect choice for a daytime look.

Texture-wise, it is very soft and subtle, with a gel-mousse consistency that goes on super smooth and silky. The color applies with sheer but build-able pigment and blends effortlessly with fingertips. To add a little depth to the eyes, however, I prefer adding a deep brown shade to the outer corner of the lid and crease. It wears extremely well (up to 8+ hours) without budging and creasing when applied on top of an eye shadow primer.

The packaging is very sturdy, chic and luxurious (because it’s Chanel, duh). Plus, it comes with a little brush, which I found really useful to apply eyeliner with, but not with this color though (because it’s a rather light color to use as an eyeliner). Overall, I’m really happy with the purchase and am looking forward to buying a few deeper shades in the future. Do you have any recommendations?

"No-Makeup" Complexion


I think that we can all agree that it’s hard to keep your skin in a tip-top shape when you’re sick (hello patchy skin, dry nostrils!)—and on top of that, wearing a heavy foundation doesn’t make things any better, it only further emphasizes slightly unflattering condition of your skin. Which really sucks. That said, I decided to opt for something lightweight and moisturizing for my complexion instead. Thank goodness tinted moisturizers exist!

As far as I can remember, the first tinted moisturizer I’ve ever tried— and fell in love with— was by Laura Mercier. This time around, however, I thought I’d look into something that gives slightly more coverage, so I opted for Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. I heard so many great things about this product from my friend, Ellya (a writer behind the amazing blog Spring 93). Now I can see why.

I love, love the feel and coverage this tinted moisturizer gives. It’s got an amazingly lightweight texture as you’d expect, but it covers well enough to even out my redness and some minor discolorations. The oil-free formula glides on smoothly, leaving a natural soft-matte finish that lets your skin’s natural shine peek through. Skin not only looks, but also feels moisturized and refreshed all day. It’s amazing! Plus, it’s got a broad-spectrum SPF 30 that protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

On my dehydrated skin it wears well throughout the day without emphasizing any dry patches or pores, and there’s a good selection of shades, ranging from Finland (very light) to Polynesia (medium-dark). Alaska (a light shade with equal parts yellow and pink undertones) matches my skin tone perfectly, which I’m so happy about— and, last but not least, it doesn’t oxidize during the day.

My favorite way to apply is using my fingers (just like I would apply any other moisturizer) which usually takes just a few seconds; then all I need to do is apply a balm on my lips and a touch of black mascara—and I’m good to go. Simple and easy.

Although it’s a bit on the pricey side ($43 for 1.9 oz!), this tinted moisturizer is totally worth at least a try.
What's your favorite tinted moisturizer?

Spring Mood


Spring's last! It's time to lift our spirits by adjusting our fragrance wardrobe accordingly; because changing your fragrance is just as important as changing your clothes, isn't it? While some might enjoy rich, complex, spicy scents all year round, I'm more attracted to light, airy fresh, floral scents with woody base notes for the warmer months. But to each their own, right? I figured it was the perfect time to round up a list of my all-time favorite perfumes for spring. Here are my top three picks:


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