Little joys of life is in simple things. So for me there is nothing more satisfying than washing my face after a long, tiresome day of work/study, and I just feel so much better afterwards (who doesn't
anyways?).  On a daily basis, I use a two-step system that helps me achieve a clean surface that is ready for my usual skincare routine. Here, I'd like to share with you my holy grail cleansing products that I heavily rely on for cleansing my face: 

1. Oil-Cleanse MethodFacial Cleansing Oil by Philosophy
 A mineral oil-free facial cleansing oil that melts away a waterproof mascara, as well as the rest of the makeup, sunscreen, and dirt, while maintaining skin's natural moisture levels? Yes, please. Usually, I apply a dime size amount of product to the palm of my hands ( making sure that face/hands are dry), massage it into my face in a circular motions for about a minute and wash it off (using cellulose sponge) with lukewarm water and all of my makeup is removed. Marvelous! Although it's a cleansing oil, it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy/oily at all but, most importantly,  doesn't cause any breakouts- I had an awful experience using Lancome's Huile Douceur which contained mineral oil.

To make sure that makeup is completely removed, I use the Purity Made Simple cleanser. It's gentle on the skin, has a milky consistency, and leaves skin feeling hydrated. In addition, I'd say that it's quite an effective cleanser by itself- it does a good job removing eye makeup- but I am still worried that it may  leave some traces of makeup (yes, I am a control freak); however, when it comes to morning cleansing -to remove the residue from creams I've applied the night before-I am more likely to use it alone.

3.A must-have tool: Cellulose Sponges
 Since I've stopped using Clarisonic Brush on a daily basis, which resulted in enlarged pores; therefore I was looking for an alternative tool that is gentle enough for daily use and I stumbled upon this amazing cleansing tool. What I love most about these sponges is their compact size, affordability, and effectiveness.