I feel like a professional makeup artist whenever I pull up my brush set, although I'm not exactly sure why I'd need three different brushes to paint my face with every morning. For applying foundation, as
you may have noticed, I prefer synthetic brushes primarily because they work better with cream and liquid products. Here are a few brushes I've been using interchangeably on a daily basis:

Sigma F 80 Flat Top Kabuki ($24)
I've had this brush for two years now and it's still going strong. It's a well-made, sturdy brush- after numerous washes, I haven't noticed any significant shedding nor were there any issues with it falling apart. The brush has incredibly soft and dense bristles allowing you to achieve flawless coverage with no streaks left behind. The only issue I had was with cleaning it; since the bristles are dense, the product tends to sink to the bottom of the brush, and the best solution, in my view, is to wash it using Dr. Bronner's Soap Bar-it helps easily remove all the residue from the bottom of the bristles and completely transforms the brush.  

Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 ($34)
I purchased this brush only a month ago but I've already fell in love with it. I love using this brush for applying a powder foundation (MAC Studio Fix Powder) instead of liquids. The bristles are so soft and pleasant to the touch that you want to keep re-applying the product even if you don't need it anymore. Although the bristles are a bit longer than usual, it allows you to distribute the product much quicker (and washes easily too). It deposits just the right amount of product onto the skin leaving a flawless even coverage. Occasionally, I apply liquid foundations using this brush on days when I need a lighter coverage.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ($9)
It took me a while to get a hold of this brush- I just could not find it anywhere. After all, I ended up ordering  it online. The brush is a bit smaller in size and has rounded and slightly tapered edge which makes it perfect to blend in hard to reach areas of the face. It's a great brush considering the price it retails for. The only issue I have is with streaking- it can leave a few streaks behind. Other than that, it's a great affordable alternative to higher-end brushes.

These brushes are my absolute must-haves and if there was something to happen to them, I'd definitely buy them again. What is your favorite brush to apply foundation with?