You know that feeling you get when you've finally discovered the perfect lipstick shade that actually compliments you? Well, it happened to me recently and I couldn't be more ecstatic. I've spent so
much of my time and money on a wide-variety of pink/red/plum/coral lipsticks to eventually come to a realization that au naturale, or as they call it my lips but better kind of color suits me the best. What a surprise!

A few years back, I remember experimenting with a few nude lipsticks that were a tad too light for my liking and--as you may have guessed-- I ended up looking like a ghost. Perhaps, I learned a lesson or two that nudes weren't for me, but little did I know that more of a beige color would be the right route to go for. Fast forward two years, all I wear these days is two variations of nude shades: Bobbi Brown Tulle and Nars Dolce Vita.

Dolce Vita ($26) is my most worn lipstick at the moment. I prefer to apply a lip liner (MAC Dervish) to define the lips first since the formula is quite sheer. It is described as 'sheer dusty rose' by Nars, and I agree that it's a nice neutral rose shade. Formula-wise, it is sheer, hydrating, doesn't settle into lines, and lasts for about an hour or two leaving my lips conditioned--without the white residue like some lipsticks do. The only concern is the price tag, it seems like I'm going through it pretty quickly, which is  a bit of a bummer. But to be honest, I think it's well worth the price.

Tulle ($23) is one I wear less frequently but is dearly loved nonetheless. In contrary to the Dolce Vita, it's opaque and transfers more color. The shade is described as 'soft pink' by Bobbi Brown, but on my lips it shows up like more of a brownish pink. It looks very flattering on me, I should admit. The formula is very creamy, non-drying, and long lasting- usually I have to re-apply after eating. Just beware that the smell of the lipstick isn't the most pleasant-- the scent is similar to  that of an oldish lipstick. Honestly, it took me a while to adapt to it, but other than that it's amazing.