So I almost finished up using my favorite tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier ($45), but I didn't want to purchase another one purely because of the whopping price. I wanted, therefore, to experiment with a bit more affordable alternatives offered on the market, and picked up the Garnier BB Cream ($12.99) at the local drugstore instead.

Well, what should I start with... this product does moisturize my skin really well-throughout the day my skin looks radiant and dewy which is what I aim for since I have dry to combination skin type. It evens out my skin tone but doesn't provide a significant amount of coverage- I always apply a powder (Mac Studio Fix) afterwards anyway which gives an additional coverage and sets the BB cream. It provides an SPF 15-which is better than nothing- but I wish the protection level was higher though. The ingredients might not be as good as LM tinted moisturizer (I'm no expert), but again, you get what you pay for-at least that's how I justify splurging on a more expensive product anyway. 

It's available in three shades: fair/light, light/medium, medium/ deep. The one I picked up is in the shade light/medium which adapts to my skin tone really well. Moreover, there is a variety of Garnier BB creams available for different skin types: an oil-free version for oily to combination skin types, original for dry to normal, and anti-aging (don't like this term) one for mature skin. 
As a reminder, if you are allergic to scented products, this product might not be for you since it has quite strong scent which I  don't mind personally.

Overall, I think it's a great cheaper alternative for an everyday, quick, minimal makeup look. My skin got along with this BB cream, and didn't react badly which is always good. 

What is your affordable tinted moisturizer/bb cream of choice?