I've never paid more than $15 for a phone case, simply because I've never really been into them for some reason. However, recently I discovered Kate Spade's iPhone cases and I fell in love. Aren't they dreamy? That said, it was a hard decision to make since all of them are really pretty, but after thinking long and hard I ended up getting the gold Le Pavillion phone case (also available in pink)- and I couldn't be happier. 

You've got to protect your phone in style, right? I love the design because it's trés chic, yet simple at the same time. The gold polka dot design is so perfect it gives me joy just to look at it. Plus, I love the sleek profile that doesn't make the phone bulky and a clear back that allows me to see through my phone. You can clearly tell that it's of high quality as it offers decent protection to the phone; so far, I've dropped my phone a couple of times but-thankfully- nothing has happened. If you're looking for a stylish phone case that offers decent protection, then look no further. It's the one!