I have to admit that I haven't treated myself to anything new beauty-wise for quite some time now *pats self on back*, but while wandering around the shopping mall last weekend I couldn't help but pick a few things up while I was there. So, here's what I got…
You know how much I love cream eye shadows. A lot. Revlon Illuminance is the little cream eyeshadow palette that I’ve been using constantly these past few months and I’m totally in love with it. So to feed my cream eyeshadow obsession,  I picked up a luxe  version of my favorite champagne color from Chanel. I haven't used it enough to share my opinion on it at the moment, so I might post my review later in the week.  So stay tuned! 

Fanfare is hands down my favorite MAC lipstick. I discovered it spontaneously while browsing through mom's makeup stash and fell in love with it the second I applied it on my lips. Of course, I had to pick up this shade for myself while I was at the shopping mall. It’s a gorgeous medium peachy pink with a hint of coral. The finish is creamsheen, which is probably one of my favorite MAC lipstick formulas. Fanfare is creamy in texture, so it glides on smoothly and feels comfortable on the lips. It gives an opaque coverage and doesn’t dry my lips- though I always apply a lip balm beforehand, just in case. It lasts for about two hours before I need to reapply- so it's probably not an ideal lipstick for low-maintenance gals. Otherwise, I think it’s a an exceptionally great everyday pink color. 
swatches: left (MAC Fanfare); right (Chanel Emerveille)

Have you made any unexpected beauty purchases as of late?